Chinese man driving around worlddisney magic band cost arrives in Chicago

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CHICAGO -- A Ford wagon with Chinese car plate and the body covered with advertisements and slogans is eye-catching in Chinatown in downtown Chicago.

After touring 55 countries in four continents, Fan Yuhu, a freelancer cameraman, arrived in the US city of Chicago.

Fan kicked off his tour of the world by driving a car from Shanghai in August 2013. With $600 in pocket at the start, he crossed Asia, Europe, Africa and arrived in New York on Feb 5, driving more than 200,000 km. On the trip, he has his car ferried twice and container shipped to North America from Africa.

Born in Inner Mongolia autonomous region, growing up in Guangzhou and working in Shanghai, Fan, 42, had never been abroad before setting off on the trip, nor known any foreign languages. Hardship is all that can be imaged.

Driving through 25 countries in Africa in eight months is the hardest part Fan has experienced so far: he was blackmailed by police officers, robbed and stolen, fell ill with fever, and had narrow escape several times. But several blind dates there gave him some sweet memories.

Applying for visa is another difficult and costly thing. Besides being denied from time to time and being locked in black rooms at customs, Fan has spent more than 200,000 yuan in applying visas.

Fortunately, "I"ve got help from overseas Chinese everywhere I went," Fan told Xinhua.

They gave him food, provided him accommodations, and took him to shower. "I am grateful to them," Fan said.

From the beginning of the trip, Fan has two dreams to fulfill: to film a documentary of his own; and to find a wife who is willing to share weal and woe of the trip with him.

Fan has so far shot more than 10,000 hours of footage. As for finding a wife, he gives it to chance and luck.

Fan wants to stage a Chinese version of "Forrest Gump" with his own experiences.

After touring the United States and Canada, Fan will head down to Mexico into South America, and then further to Australia. He plans to return to China before the 2019 Chinese spring festival.

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