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Tax payers who have filed their income tax papers themselves or through agents can apply for tax certificate regardless of whether they have actually paid the tax, news site bjnews.com reported on Monday.

It is the latest step by Beijing service center of the State Taxation Administration to heed taxpayers" practical concerns, following the amended individual income tax law that came into effect on Jan 1.

The new rules, especially the additional deductions that cover six categories, have reduced the amount of income tax individuals have to pay and eased their burden. The deductions can be claimed through an app specially developed by the tax authority.

However, the new threshold of 5,000 yuan ($724) introduced in October, along with the additional deductions, has exempted some taxpayers from paying any income tax, which means there will be no record of declaration on the app.

This has worried some taxpayers working in Beijing: As people without local hukou (permanent household registration) are not allowed to buy a house or car unless they can provide a record that they"ve paid income tax and social security payments for five consecutive years. A break in tax payment record will definitely affect their ability to access other services.

The timely promise of keeping a running record of tax payment from the country"s tax authorities will no doubt dispel those taxpayers" concerns while guaranting their benefits from tax deductions.

Previously, the tax bureau removed the requirement for tenants to provide information about property owners when applying for a tax deduction against their rental payments. Before the adjustment, tenants had to submit their landlords" personal information to the bureau to claim a 1,000 yuan ($147) exemption every month. In response, landlords said they would either increase the rent to cover the rental income tax or discourage tenants from applying for tax deduction.

According to the Beijing municipal tax bureau, the comprehensive tax rate for rental has been reduced to 2.5 percent from the previous 5 percent, including individual income tax and house property tax.


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